FREE Upgrades available now on AB Commerce Inc. Collection Only, Azpiral Integration,  New Pilots,  Omnichannel Features and much more!

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It’s not just the elves that have been busy, our Development Team have also been working hard developing great new features to ensure your continued growth and success.

We are delighted to share with you our most recent FREE upgrades to the AB Commerce Platform.

If you have products in your Catalogue that should only be collected In Store and not Delivered you now have the option to update this setting.
It is possible to Update Individual Products or use our Bulk Upload facility for multiple products.
Once the setting is in place ‘Collection Only’ text (this text is editable) will appear above ADD TO BASKET.

Edit Order Post Sale & Resend Order Confirmation Email
Enhance your customer service by Editing an Order Post Sale if for example the product your customer ordered is out of stock and you have agreed to replace it with an alternative item. It is also possible to resend the Order Confirmation Email to reflect the change(s) in the Order
Please note that this feature is NOT available to Retailers whose orders are being downloaded to ePos/ERP through a Systems Integration

Product Detail Page
The following updates have been made to the Product Detail Page
Bulky Item Text (this text is editable) is now displayed above the ADD TO Basket.
For our websites that use the Custom Version Table Layout, it is now possible to display Version Product Codes when using Version Buttons.

Credit Card BIN Attacks
In our continuous effort to protect against credit card fraud we have added additional algorithms.

Azpiral Gift Vouchers
An integration with Azpiral’s gift vouchers system now available. If you are interested in discussing this option further please contact Helpdesk.

Omnichannel – QR Codes
It is now possible to print a QR Code on your Gift Voucher and when scanned the Gift Voucher code is automatically entered at VIEW BASKET.

Phonovation Integration
Updated batch job so SMS is sent out between 8:00 am and 10:00pm.

Home Page Pop Up
Updated so that the Home Page Pop Up won’t appear again for 4 weeks after it displays to a user, this is done via the Users Cookies.

The following Pilots are also in progress and we will provide further updates in Q1 2022, in the meantime if you would like any more details on any of the Pilots please contact the Helpdesk Team
• Pharmacy Module Pilot
• AB Commerce Advanced Search Pilot
• Dynamic Merchandising Widget

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