AB Commerce FREE Email Marketing Upgrade Inc. New Home Page Popup, Automated Emails, New Subscriber and Content Management features plus much more!

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Incentivise email sign up and grow your email database with our new homepage pop up
Email marketing is a cornerstone of your online growth strategy.  The cost of acquiring new customers is high so ensure that when a customer comes to your site you are incentivising them to opt-in and engage them in regular email campaigns to mine their long-term value. You have the ability to edit the text displayed through LIVE EDIT. Read more here.

New Automated Emails
As part of the new email subscription module, there is also a New automated THANK YOU FOR JOINING email, that a subscriber will receive when they sign up to your mailing list. Again you have the ability to edit the emails through LIVE EDIT. Read more here.

New Subscriber Features
When you are setting up your email marketing pop up you are now able to choose from the following options to include in your new subscriber features, all information gathered will automatically be uploaded to your Mail Chimp Account

  • You can collect a customer’s birthdates – read more here.
  • You can collect customer’s preferences – read more here.

New Content Management Features
As part of this upgrade you now have the ability to content manage the following features. You can read more here.

  • You can content manage the JOIN page and the JOIN THANK YOU page
  • You can content manage the SUBSCRIBE page and the SUBSCRIBE THANK YOU page.

You can review a full list of the most recent upgrades and updates by clicking the link below.

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