AB Commerce Free Upgrades Inc. Google/Facebook Shopping Feeds, SEO, Snapchat & TikTok

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Free Platform Upgrades Available Now on AB Commerce

The team has been hard at work further developing the AB Commerce Platform and we are delighted to now share with you the exciting new Platform Upgrades to ensure your continued growth and success throughout 2021.

Google Shopping / Facebook Feed Update
Google now requires a shipping fee to be included in the Google Shopping feed for each product. We have made the addition of a SHIPPING field to the feed so your feed. The inclusion of the shipping cost for each product ensures your Google Shopping feed continues to run smoothly.

New Facebook Domain Verification
Due to recent Apple IOS Updates and the implications, for clients using Paid Ads on Facebook & Instagram, we have developed a new way of Verifying Facebook Domains. Read more here

Images & SEO Updates
We have reduced the max file size for uploading images through widgets from 500k to 250k (it’s recommended to keep banner images less than 100k for SEO site speed).
Your site speed is very important for your SEO ranking – SEO specialists advise that if you can reduce your average download speed for each page by 1%, your revenue will go up by 7%.
The platform is highly optimised for speed thanks to our caching technology (you’ll see all your pages take less than 1 second to download).
However, your home page banner images may be adding seconds to your download speed, so can you please ensure that all your graphics are less than 100k in size. We used to allow up to 500k per image to be uploaded through the Widgets, but we’ve now reduced it down to 250k max size. We will soon reduce this down to 100k.

For clients wishing to use Snapchat display ads as part of their Digital Marketing campaigns, our new integration will allow you to record analytics for your ads including page views, product views, and completed orders.

With the TikTok trend showing no signs of slowing down, you now have the option to add a link to your TikTok account at the footer of your website.
If you have a TikTok account that you would like to link to your site, email the team at HelpDesk

For our clients who would like to display an RRP price or a third price outside of the Was and Now pricing our recent upgrade allows you to do this. Read more here

We have now included a Reorder facility for your clients, this is especially useful for clients that return time and time again to purchase the same items from you, making the process much more user-friendly. We would encourage you to switch on this functionality on your site Read more here.
If you would like to activate the Reorder functionality, email the team on Helpdesk.

You can review a full list of the most recent upgrades and updates below.

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