AB Commerce Relaunches its Extensive B2B Module

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Over the past two years, Magico & AB Commerce has been working closely with our retailers to further develop our B2B Module and we are delighted to now share with you, its relaunch.

The AB Commerce B2B Module is now an even more powerful proposition that responds to the challenges and real-world needs of the B2B Customer. The extensive addon means you can offer dual functionality on your site meaning your site can offer both B2C & B2B on the same platform. 

Traditionally the B2B sector has been much slower to embrace eCommerce, mainly due to many Content Management Systems struggling to deliver the functionalities required for B2B to coexist alongside B2C on the same website. Multiple price-books, authenticated Customer Groups, and VAT calculations have long proved a challenge.  With these challenges at the forefront of the development roadmap for the relaunch of the B2B Module, careful consideration has been given to their inclusion in the upgrade and we are now delighted to share with you the complex functionality that is now available.

The key functionalities include:

Click here for an in-depth overview of the B2B Module

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