Free Upgrades Available Now on the AB Commerce Platform

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We are delighted to share with you our most recent upgrades to the AB Commerce Platform. The team has been hard at work further developing AB Commerce to ensure your continued success throughout 2021 and beyond.

New Scurri Integration Automated Batch Job
A new batch job is now available on the Scurri Integration that automates the upload of new orders into Scurri every 15 minutes. This also automates the download of completed orders and order tracking details from Scurri.

Brands Linking
We have linked all brand titles across the website to link through to the brand landing page (e.g. on the product list page and product detail page) allowing the customer to easily browse the entire brand if they wish.

Widgets Updates
Now even more flexibility with further widget options;

  • There is now an option to add widgets in the Footer sitewide, this means you can place it at the bottom of any category page, on any product detail page, and on the view the basket page.
  • Option for designers to add widgets to the Footer menu bar and the View Basket left sidebar.
  • Product List Page – you can now pass in ?nobanners=y to any URL so that widget banners are not displayed on the page the user goes to.

Free Shipping Banner
Free Shipping Banner is now also enabled for the Ship by Weight algorithm.

Analytics Updates
Further development of our Analytics module supports you with further insights and data;

  • New Analytics Channel Breakdown Report on the dashboard and gives you the ability to add UTM parameters to your URLs so that their revenue breakdown appears in these reports – more information here.
  • Out of Stock Email Alerts – UTM parameters are now automatically to all links from this email so that it’s now recorded separately under email in Google Analytics and AB Commerce Analytics.
  • Analytics update for users who see the Cookie Popup message – Since the turning on of the new Cookie popup, a lot of “organic” traffic is being treated as “direct” traffic in Google Analytics – this is because until the user accepts cookies, Google Analytics does not start recording anything. We have started putting in fixes to try and address this logging by sending the same information to Google after the user selects to accept all cookies.

Google Products Updates
We have applied an upgrade to the Google Products feed for websites with VAT – so that we now add VAT to price also sale price, and shipping fees are now being sent to Google.

You can review a full list of the most recent upgrades and updates below.

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