New Platform upgrades available on the abcommerce platform, October 2020

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The team at abcommerce has had a busy September & October working on lots of exciting free platform upgrades and improved functionality for you to avail of ahead of the busy festive season.

The following FREE upgrades are available on the abcommerce platform NOW.

VAT Invoices
You can now convert your confirmation email into a VAT invoice on B2C websites giving the customer a VAT breakdown of the order please note you’ll need to assign all your products to tax codes. Read more here

Product Detail Confirm Terms Checkbox
In certain circumstances, particularly for the Pharmacy Industry, it is important that certain terms are met before a customer purchases a product. For example, in the Pharmacy Industry, a customer must be over 18 before they can purchase certain non-prescription medicinal products.
With that in mind, we have released a new feature that allows the Retailer to add a Checkbox to the product detail page that must be ticked before a customer can purchase a product.
The Retailer can decide what text to add to the Checkbox allowing you the flexibility to use this feature in multiple ways. Read more here.

Shipping Countries & Rates Admin
You can now select the countries/regions you deliver to and set shipping rates with new admin functionality. You can select from up to 250 countries to ship to. Options include changing to shipping by weight bands and changing the title of the country.
PLEASE NOTE: For clients with old shipping rates already set up, contact the Help Desk so that you can switch over to using these new admin screens –Click here for more details

Bulk Imports
Bulk importing is the most efficient way to update your product catalogue where you wish to add or update a large number of items. However, please be warned that careful consideration is required when making large numbers of changes through spreadsheets Please talk to helpdesk@magico,com before you consider any bulk updates.

You now have the facility to bulk upload the following CSV Files:

The bulk upload cannot be used for fields that are managed by systems integration. 

PLEASE NOTE: We suggest sending a sample file to the Help Desk to review prior to uploading the file

Trust Pilot Widget 
Trust Pilot widget can now be added to any page and show all your latest 4 and 5-star reviews. You can now see these under your list of widgets.

Celebros Upgraded Search as you Type
Celebros recently updated its search capabilities enabling search as you type on their latest version and it is now available to abcommerce clients using Celebros as their 3rd part search provider.

Azpiral Gift Vouchers Integration 
We are delighted to announce a new integration partner Azpiral. This new integration facilitates the use of gift voucher codes both online and in-store for abcommerce clients using Azpiral Loyalty.

Refill Assist New Widgets
We recently announced our new Integration Partner, Refill Assistant, recognising that Winter 2020/2021 will bring unprecedented challenges and this new partnership is part of our commitment to assist our Retailers. Specialising in the Pharmacy Industry, Refill Assist offers integrated Online Prescription Orders and Online Vaccination Bookings. 
Additional upgrades to the integration for October include:

  • New widget for book an appointment
  • New widget for online prescriptions

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