Christmas functionality to Drive your online sales this Christmas

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2020 has certainly been a year of many challenges and with the Christmas peak trading period fast approaching and online sales ramping up we wanted to remind you about some existing as well as some new exciting functionality additions that will ensure that you make the most of this festive period and help to maximise sales. 

You may already be utilising many of these functions and some you may even have forgotten about, but we have plenty of tips and ideas to get you thinking and to make the most out of this very important time of year. 

Here are our top pieces of functionality to use this Christmas:

Dynamic Categories
Have you set up a Christmas Shop? Why not try using a Dynamic Category or you may have heard us refer to them as ‘Gift Finders’? We all understand the importance of making the path to purchase as easy as possible for our customers so, using a Dynamic Category such as ‘Gift Finder’ is an additional marketing layer to help them navigate to existing products using a new path and giving them great gift ideas along the way. 

Read more about Dynamic Categories and how to set them up here. 

Custom Tags  
You will already know that there are several useful tags that you can mark products with such as ‘Free Delivery’, ‘Clearance’ etc. You asked and we listened, and we now have made the addition of a ‘Black Friday’ specific tag as well as now allowing the addition of up to 5 custom tags.  

Read more about the black Friday Custom Tag here

Contact to set up custom tags for your site. 

Countdown Widgets
Create a sense of urgency! The addition of a  Countdown Widget (timer) can help boost sales by visibly applying a time limit to the end of the sale or promotion e.g., Black Friday Sale ends in XX days or Pre Christmas-Event ends in XX days and you can also link to the relevant web page. A Countdown widget when in place is typically a Site Wide Widget but you can also insert a Countdown to an individual page.

Please advise us at when setting up your first Countdown Widget so that appropriate styling can be applied. 

For more info on how to use the countdown timer widget click here. 

Upsell! – Add on Products  
We all know how stressful Christmas shopping can be, so we want to make it as easy as possibly for customers to buy their gifts and even items for themselves. Using add on products can be a great way to upsell. If you have products that go well with other products or work best together, you can add them to a product detail page so that the customer is offered the option to include them when adding to the basket. So, ideas might be Mascara & Eye makeup remover, Moisturiser & Cleanser and Toner.

Another great way to use this functionality might be to offer ‘Free Gift Wrapping’ as an add on. Create gift wrapping as a 0-value product and add it to the product page of high value items. 

Read more on how to use add on products to upsell to your customers here.

Additional Shipping Regions 
Shipping Countries & Regions are very important components of your online delivery service and making sure that you are offering solutions to as many of the customers to your site is paramount. The new shipping admin screen allows you to easily add and remove shipping locations.

Before making any changes, please consider the Christmas shipping deadlines for any new country that you are adding to avoid any delays or unhappy customers! 

Remember also, if you are offering Free Shipping now is the time to shout about it. Free shipping is a great way to attract Christmas shoppers as you are eliminating the only drawback of online shopping. Try adding the announcement about your free shipping offers on your homepage or as a header on your product pages. 

Read more on how to set up new shipping locations here.

Out of Stock Alerts
Christmas can be a very busy time of year and often we can run short on stock of certain items and rather than allowing the customer to leave you now have the opportunity to allow them to sign up for out of stock alerts. This allows them to add their email to a list to get an alert for their requested item if and when it comes back into stock not only does it encourage brand loyalty to you but also helps a Christmas shopper!  

Read more on how to set up out of stock alerts here.

Activate a gift Message 
This time of year, customers are often buying for loved ones and this year more than ever they may even have the item shipped directly to the gift receiver so activating a gift message to your check out is a nice added touch for your customers to have the ability to personalise an online order with a special message. 

Please contact to activate this functionality  

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