Tips on how to manage paid media in a crisis from Tristram Dyer

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We spoke to Tristram Dyer, owner of Dyer Digital, this week about how to manage paid media during a crisis and he kindly shared these tips with us:

  1. Make sure your basics are covered, this includes; installing the pixel, getting your target audience in check and planning your general strategy. These are all free and can be effective in saving you money.
  2. Audit your existing ads and marketing channels to make sure there is relevant messaging out there. There is no point in having messaging around being in groups or having photos of groups of people together. I’ve seen a few clangers this week, remember, this is a game of relevance!
  3. This is also a great time to start working on things that were on the back burner since the start of the year (or even longer ago!!). For example, tweaking email flows, getting new User generated content, auditing your website.
  4. This is a good time to beef up your re-engagement campaigns and expect a longer journey to purchase. As expendable income decreases, there needs to be ample validation that the product is a good investment – so make sure you have good creatives for when retargeting people who have been to your site. Consider the mindset they are in.
  5. Focus on brand awareness instead of DR style ads. Take advantage of the cheaper traffic right now (if you can afford to keep spending) to get your brand in front of new customers. The method behind the strategy is that you will retarget the traffic you are building now in a few months with DR ads
  6. Communicate with your new and existing customer (in a relevant way). Set expectations around shipping and fulfilment very clear on your website. Don’t just email your email list a blanket email telling them your policy on Covid-19, it is not relevant and will come across irrelevant. Customers want to know that coronavirus will not affect their shipment, that is it, so keep them in the loop of any changes to expected shipping times or back-orders. You don’t want to oversell & not deliver!
  7. Be patient! Expect that the time lag to purchase may increase during this time. People have much more free time to consider their purchases and browse around. They may not be looking to buy right now but they are learning about new brands and making considerations.

Tristram presented at this years abcommerce ecommerce summit on the topic of Effective Facebook Advertising. Having worked with a large number of Fortune 500 companies around the world for the last 6 years helping them to develop their social media ads strategy, Tris has learned what it takes to design a winning social media strategy and has since taken this knowledge and is applying it to Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands to help them scale their businesses with ever-evolving strategies.

Talk to Tristram about your digital strategy needs,

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