New Platform upgrades available on the abcommerce platform, April 2020

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Covid 19 is undoubtedly one of the most serious challenges to face the Retail Industry. Now more then ever your online store is your most important sales channel, with that in mind we have been working tirelessly to ensure that not only is your online store stable, secure and reliable but that we are adding new functionality to the abcommerce platform so that you are offering the best service possible to your customers.

The following new FREE upgrades are now available on the abcommerce platform

Dashboard Sales Reports
Need to know your top selling products or brands in a hurry ?
Our Dashboard Sales Reports gives you the figures you need to guide your online sales strategy. Your Top Selling Products, Brands and Categories at your finger tips.
Use Top Products Viewed and Top Products Abandoned to identify sales opportunities and help discover any obstacles in completing a sale.
Find out more at Dashboard Sales Reports

Set a Maximum Order Quantity
It is now possible to set a Maximum Order Quantity to limit the quantity of a particular product that a customer can purchase. See Maximum Order Quantity

Custom Build Products
Need your customer to build a product to their own specification ? it is now possible to select from a variety of version options on the product detail page to custom build their product. For more information contact your Account Manager

Creating & Managing Versions
It is now easier to manually create and manage product versions using a new improved administration screen, See Manually Assigning Versions to products in the Using a Version Table article

Improved Video Widget
Video is set to explode with more and more consumers relying on video to inform their decisions. We have expanded our video offering so you can now add videos to non product pages on your online store, tell your story through video

Security Settings
New administrator security settings offering various levels of access for individual admin users. Find out more about Setting Up Security Settings.

MailChimp/SMS Integration Update
We are continuing to work on a very exciting upgrade to our Mail Chimp/SMS Integration. We have extended our initial integration to now include the RFM analysis model (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) to allow further segmentation and specific targeting of emails

Future Upgrades
We are constantly enhancing the abcommerce platform and we will keep you informed of future upgrades but if you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you !

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