FREE Upgrades now available on AB Commerce Platform

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Pharmacy Module, Dynamic Merchandising, Search Upgrade, Opayo Integration, Outlet Stock Integration, WAVE OMS, Azpiral & many more

Our first quarter has been a busy one and we completed a lot of product development to help you on your journey to online success !

Pharmacy Module

The first release of the AB Commerce Pharmacy module is now live on all of our pharmacy sites. This release includes:

  • Adding Terms & Conditions before Purchase​
  • Asking Customer to Answer Questionnaire before Purchase​
  • Setting Max Quantities for Purchase
  • New Order Approval Screens
  • New Auto review of Order History for purchaser
  • Additions to audit trail logging for orders
  • Pharmacist Approval Process

Dynamic Merchandising

The Dynamic Merchandising Widget provides the capability to position an automated panel of products on various pages across your online store. It can be added to category pages, brand pages and product detail pages

The automated selection of products is based on an analytics algorithm which is set up and configured by you in the widget manager on the front end of the site.

The widget offers a variety of different configuration options for category pages & product detail pages. Top products are based on products with the most views since the start of the previous month.

Watch the video below to see this powerful addition to our platform at work.

This upgrade is available free to all AB Commerce retailers please contact for any support you require in relation to activation or optimisation.

Search Upgrade

Internal site search is a key function of your online store. The users who use your keyword search to find products are typically more focussed and know what they want – so are more likely to make a purchase.
These customers typically have a higher conversion rate than users who just browse through the categories.

This is why it’s important to optimise your search results so that the correct products appear first for key search terms.

The upgraded AB Commerce Search Functionality now offers:

  • Search as you type dropdown, the drop down will make suggestions for Products, Category Pages, Brand landing pages and information pages.
  • Associated keywords and the brand title are weighted in the algorithm for brand pages
  • Associated keywords, the category title and the parent category title are weighted in the algorithim for category pages
  • You can now associate ‘search keywords’ with individual products, categories and brands in AB Commerce.

For more details, watch the video below.

Integration with Wave OMS

Introducing Wave Order Management System.

This paid upgrade offers a full integration with the WAVE OMS fulfilment engine. WAVE OMS calls a web service to download your orders from AB Commerce to their engine where orders are fulfilled via a 4 step process Pick, Sort, Pack and Ship.

Through their software and logical order workflow, Wave OMS fulfils eCommerce orders with maximum speed and minimum cost per order. It unlocks growth potential and supercharges Pack, Pick & Shipping capabilities in organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Implementation of WAVE OMS has proven to increase the speed and efficiency of getting orders out the door and it will significantly reduce the resources required to achieve this. Optimising order fulfilment is a key step to ensuring you can grow and scale your online store.

Integration with Azpiral

AB Commerce is now integrated with Irish loyalty system Azpiral. This is a full loyalty integration that can be used both in store & online for your business. Some feature that are available with this integration are:

  • Create an online loyalty account
  • You can target these customers via Mailchimp
  • Automated point system that will update per order
  • Ability for customers to check points balance online

Cache Speed improvements

We are dedicated to keeping your website speed at a high standard and we have improved the speed for our websites with very large catalogues or extensive promotion ranges.

As always we are continuing to improve our platform for our clients and other updates include promotions upgrades, dispatch notes upgrades, edits to product list pages and checkout updates.

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