New Platform upgrades available on the abcommerce platform, July 2020

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We promised you continuous innovation, so our team have been busy enhancing the abcommerce platform. July’s free upgrade – Bulk imports has now been released. This will upgrade will save you time on your website management.

Bulk importing your products is the most efficient way to update your product catalogue where you wish to add or update a large number of items. 
However, please be warned that careful consideration is required when making large numbers of changes through spreadsheets as it is required that the bulk import fields must match those already in place. If you import files incorrectly, it can cause serious issues like the following examples: If you spell a Product Code wrong, it can create a new product instead of updating an existing product – or if you spell a column name like PriceEURO wrong, it can create a product with a zero price on it.
Therefore, we recommend doing Bulk Imports in small batches of approx 10-50 records before doing any large batches – and remember to test that each field updates correctly for the initial few records.

Simply click here and follow the instructions on the relevant article.
You now have the facility to bulk upload the following:

  • Products
  • Versions
  • Stock
  • Primary & Brand Categories
  • Filters 
  • Product Groups
  • Related Products
  • 301 Redirects
  • Version Tables 

The bulk upload cannot be used for fields that are managed by systems integration. 
PLEASE NOTE: We suggest sending a sample file to the Help Desk to review prior to uploading the file.

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