New Platform upgrades available on the abcommerce platform, May 2020

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As we continue to navigate the uncharted waters that Covid 19 presents we are always looking at ways we can improve the abcommerce platform and add functionality that will add real value to your online offering.

The following upgrades are now available

Out of Stock Alerts
Don’t lose potential customers because the product they are looking for is out of stock ! Offer your customers the option to sign up for an email alert so they are notified when a particular product is back in stock.
We all know that popular products sell out fast, but how much should I reorder ? Use the email alert functionality to also find out what products your customers are interested in and what quantity of that product they want to purchase.

For more information about this functionality and how to activate it refer to

Improvement to Delivery & Collection presentation
You asked and we listened ! Many of you had asked if we could look at how Delivery v Collection was treated during the Checkout process.
Our development team put their heads together and worked on a solution that we think leads to a much more positive experience for your customers.
Among the improvements made one of the major changes is that if a customer now chooses to Click and Collect, the delivery charge field does not appear.

Refunds Module (Paid Upgrade)
Managing refunds can be a major headache for Retailers so we are delighted to announce that we have been working on a Refunds Module that is now available.
The Refunds Module will help automate the refund process and ultimately lead to a more positive customer experience.
For more information about the Refund Module and the costs involved contact Help Desk

Customers with accounts can now easily create wishlists of products they may want to purchase and similarly B2B account customers can create List Managers. Contact Helpdesk to activate this functionality

FlexiFi Quotations
Enhance your FlexiFi offering by adding FlexiFi Quotations that provide customers with estimated monthly payments

Imagery Editing
Preparing product imagery is a time consuming and sometimes arduous task, our design team have been busy putting some tips together for you to use with Pixlr Online Editor, see

Future Upgrades
We are constantly enhancing the abcommerce platform and we will keep you informed of future upgrades but if you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you !

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