October AB Commerce Platform Releases

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Multiple Shipping Methods

In the run up to the peak shopping period, panicked shoppers will often pay more for next day delivery. Offer your customers choice when it comes to their shipping options, they might choose Standard Delivery or opt to pay extra for Next Day Delivery. In either case always make sure you provide clear descriptions of your shipping options.
Instructions and step by step guide to setting this up is available here: Setting Up Multiple Shipping Rates for a County Region

Delivery or Click and Collect option on View Basket Page
The ability for the customer to choose Delivery or Click and Collect and see the impact on their basket is very important. Customers are now presented with the option to select Delivery or Click and Collect (and select relevant store) on the View Basket Page. See example below:

Single Use Promo Codes
Single Use Promo Codes give you with the ability to provide your customers one time use discounts. The promo code could offer a percentage discount, an amount discount or free shipping and are essentially giving your customers another reason to purchase from you. Single use promo codes are great for attracting new customers and work equally well at rewarding current customers and developing a loyal customer base.
We have now expanded our Single Use Promo Code functionality and provided the ability to export a batch of single use promo codes and import them into a 3rd party system.
For example:
• Mail Chimp
• Klaviyo
• Yotpo

For instructions & support on how to do this see article – Multi Use Vs Single Use Promo Codes

Dashboard Analytics
Knowing and understanding your business is a key ingredient to your online success. In our bid to continue to make data available and easily accessible by all members of your web team so they can inform your business decisions, we have released new Dashboard Analytics Reports.
• SALES BY WEEK – this is a new Sales Report available as a hyperlink on your Dashboard. We have created this so that it copies and pastes directly into EXCEL easily
• SALES BY MONTH – In the text at the top of the page you have a link to view this report in a format that easily copies and pastes into Excel
• NEW FILTER OPTIONS – We have added filtering to the following reports so that you can filter by (1) Last Week + (2) Last Month. The links to the filter appear at the top of the report.
o Top Brands
o Top Categories
o Top Sub-Categories
o Top level 3 Categories
o Top Products
o Top Products Viewed
o Top Products Abandoned

Hosting Capacity during Peak Trading
As we approach peak trading, we are taking proactive steps on Hosting capacity. Every website now has at least 2 web servers running on their website from 7:00am to midnight every day.
We are tracking the CPU on each web server and this is consistently remaining low so there is currently significant capacity to take on large spikes of traffic.
Should the CPU rise above 30% for more than 5 minutes we have an automated system in place to add even more web servers.
We will continue to monitor performance

Klaviyo is the leading email marketing platform for ecommerce. We are delighted to let you know, that we are currently piloting an integration with 5 AB Commerce retailers. Retailer feedback to date is very positive and far outweighs the opportunities and functionality of other email marketing platforms

More Information Here – How AB Commerce Integrates with Klaviyo


The Yotpo Loyalty Platform offers reviews, SMS, loyalty and referrals, and subscriptions products to spark engagement, develop community advocacy, and increase retention — all in one place We are also underway with our pilot AB Commerce / Yotpo Loyalty Platform Integration. 

Detail on what this pilot currently offers available here

Lots more to come on this integration so stay tuned.

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