Free Platform Upgrades and Integration Updates available now on the abcommerce platform – January, 2021

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It’s a New Year full of lots of new opportunities and we are delighted to advise we have added lots of exciting new Platform Upgrades and 3rd party integration updates to ensure your continued growth and success throughout 2021.

BREXIT Custom Commodity Codes
Getting the right commodity code is fundamental and it is the legal obligation of your business. For Retailers that are selling into the UK, our most recent upgrade to the platform means you can now enter commodity codes against your products which can be used for customs with the UK after 1st Jan 2021. Read more here

The good news is your platform is ready to switch over to PSD2. We have Updated Realex/Global Payments, Authipay and Elavon to be PSD2 compliant. Read more here.

Advanced Stock Display Options
Abcommerce now has the ability to display stock levels customer side. You can choose to display various options including: “Only X Left” when stock is below a certain threshold or “Low Stock” message, you can also display “In Stock – Ships in X Days” when products out of stock but have an out of stock lead time. Read more here.

GDPR Cookie Popup
When a user comes onto your website, they are shown a pop-up message asking them to ACCEPT ALL COOKIES or MANAGE THEIR PREFERENCES. They are not allowed to use the website until they have made their selection. This is in accordance with EU GDPR regulations. User can elect to turn off cookies and still use the website perfectly. Analytics added to dashboard showing % users who disable cookies. Read more here.

Google Shopping Integration
We have expanded our Google Shopping Integration with the addition of 6 new fields: gtin, product_type, material, pattern, color, size, gender, age_group. These new fields can be updated through manual admin screens, bulk import or systems integration.

Facebook & Instagram Integration
With the expansion of our Google Shopping integration this has been extended for Facebook and Instagram. Including  the addition of VIEW PRODUCT DETAIL tracking for Dynamic Remarketing within Facebook tracking. Read more here.

Linked Websites
Abcommerce now has the facility to link other abcommerce websites together so that one website shows products from another website. You have the ability to control the product fields you can  show on the 2nd website. Read more here.

Scurri Integration
For our clients utilising Scurri for order fulfilment  we have added order items and weight to report download so that dispatch notes can be implemented in Scurri and also added Brexit Commodity Code Field.

Fact Finder Analytics Integration
we have further developed our Fact Finder Integration and added analytics integration for viewing products and purchases resulting from keyword searches.

Black Friday & Custom Icons
You asked and we listened. Additional Black Friday Icon added to the platform and you now have the ability to add up to five custom icons of your choosing. Contact help desk to learn more.

McLernons Integration Plugin
We are delighted to advise we have now completed an Integration with McLernons ePos system. Read more here.

Google Adwords Integration
Conversion tracking when submitting contact forms has been added to our Google Adwords Integration.

LinkedIn Integration
You can now add a tracking code for LinkedIn analytics

Many more minor updates can be view here

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