New Platform upgrades available on the abcommerce platform, September 2020

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Winter 2020/2021 will undoubtedly bring challenges but also many opportunities to the online space, at ABcommerce we want to ensure that you are ready to capitalise on these opportunities to achieve continued growth. The team at ABcommerce has been busy throughout the summer working on lots of exciting free platform upgrades and improved functionality.

The following FREE upgrades are available on the ABcommerce platform NOW.

Facebook & Instagram Integration
Shopping via social media channels has become increasingly popular. We have expanded our Integration feeds to now include Facebook and Instagram as well as Google Shopping. Click here for more details

Version Images
Choosing a shade of lipstick just got easier with our new Version Image functionality. You can now upload one or more images specific to versions so when a customer select a version, the main image changes to reflect the chosen version image. This provides your customers with a more comprehensive product view.Click here for more details

Product Add-Ons
Upsell products with our new Product Add On functionality. Display Add On products above the Add the Basket button and customers can purchase them by simply ticking a checkbox. Its a great way to upsell products that are traditionally sold together. Click here for more details.

Shipping Countries & Rates Admin
You can now select the countries/regions you deliver to and set shipping rates with new admin functionality. You can select from up to 250 countries to ship to. Options include changing to shipping by weight bands and changing the title of the country.
PLEASE NOTE: For clients with old shipping rates already set up, contact the Help Desk so that you can switch over to using these new admin screens –Click here for more details

Bulk Imports
Bulk importing your products is the most efficient way to update your product catalogue where you wish to add or update a large number of items. However, please be warned that careful consideration is required when making large numbers of changes through spreadsheets Please talk to helpdesk@magico,com before you consider any bulk updates.

You now have the facility to bulk upload the following CSV Files:

  • Import New Products
  • Update Existing Products
  • Update Stock Levels
  • Import Related Products
  • Import Versions Table
  • Import 301 Redirects
  • Import Product Category Relationships

The bulk upload cannot be used for fields that are managed by systems integration. Click here for more detail
PLEASE NOTE: We suggest sending a sample file to the Help Desk to review prior to uploading the file

Click & Collect  – Additional Options
Make click and Collect even more attractive by allowing your customers to select their preferred collection date. You can also configure the cut off time for collection each day and can select the days that are available for collection.More details here.

Account Holder Wish Lists 
You can now opt to turn on the List Manager feature allowing logged-in accounts can create lists of products. These ‘Wish Lists’ can then be added to cart or saved to their account for future use. More details here. More details here.

Account Holders Dashboard
Even more reasons for customers to become Account Holders with our improved dashboard screens. Account-holders can now see a summary of their recent orders, recent lists they have created (if you have enabled the List Manager feature on your site), and any products they have requested to be emailed when back in stock this is highlighted when one or more of their products are back in stock.

Sales Rep Login
You can set up admin users to have sales rep functionality which allows them to log in as trade accounts and create/update their baskets and lists for them and put orders through for them.

Fast Entry Orders
You can now turn on an order form screen, this gives users the option to fill in a “spreadsheet” order form of product code and quantity and add them to their basket or their list quickly. More details here.

Added RECAPTCHA to ENTER DELIVERY DETAILS screen to deter fraudulent robots.

SEO/Google HTML Markup Tagging
We have added separate tags for each version on the product detail page for improved SEO.

Trust Pilot Widget 
Trust Pilot widget can now be added to any page and show all your latest 4 and 5-star reviews. You can now see these under your list of widgets.

Refill Assistant Integration
Specialising in the Pharmacy Industry, Refill Assist offers integrated Online Prescription Orders and Online Vaccination Bookings. Once set up ABcommerce will integrate at no extra cost you. There are two new widgets available to you:

  • Book an appointment form
  • Online prescriptions form.

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