abcommerce Platform Updates and New 3rd Party Plugin Integrations Oct 2019

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The ‘Festive’ season is almost upon us and we want to make sure you are as prepared as possible with some new features and interesting 3rd party plugin integrations.

The following FREE Upgrades are now available

Mail Chimp Integration
Your email strategy is very important for driving sales during the festive season. We believe that targeted emails are particularly important during a time when customers inboxes are exploding with emails. Over the past few months we have been making improvements and our Mail Chimp Integration V.2 is now live

As a result abcommerce is now sending Mail Chimp all the order and basket information for customers who have opted into your newsletter since your abcommerce website went live. Use this to send personalised emails to a specific target audience based on their previous order history or previous browsing history when they have added items to their basket. For more information see Sending Targeted Personalised Emails

Control the Sort Order of your Product Listings
We all know how important it is to appear on the first page of the Search Results page, the same is true for products on your Product Listing pages. You want to ensure that your top selling products, top brands, most profitable products or most searched for products are displayed in the best position possible. We have taken away the black magic and the control is now in your hands to decide what products should appear first under each category . Find out more at Changing Sort Order First Page Listings

Google Tag Manager Integration
Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool that allows you manage and deploy marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on your website without having to modify the code. GTM makes is easier to add and update website tags to better understand conversions and site analytics. For more information see About Tag Manager abcommerce is now integrated with the sales data layer of Google Tag Manager.

Ability to Merge SMS with Email Opt In
Traditionally users have the option of signing up to Email or SMS for marketing purposes, with abcommerce you now have the option of combining these marketing tools so that a customer signs up for both email and SMS at the same time. Talk to your Implementation Team for more information

New 3rd Party PlugIn Integrations

abcommerce are delighted to announce two new fully integrated 3rd party plugins. Flixmedia and Appointedd are ready to integrate with your abcommerce website.

Flixmedia, automatically delivers the engaging digital content and assets that brands develop directly to the product pages of the world’s biggest retailers. To integrate with Flixmedia, email the abcommerce Helpdesk

Appointed, Engage with your customers and organise appointments with them using the award winning online booking system Appointedd. To integrate with Appointedd, email the abcommerce Helpdesk


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