abcommerce Platform Upgrades & PSD2 Sept 2019

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Our desks this summer…busy, busy , busy

It wasn’t the summer we hoped for so at abcommerce we put the heads down and worked on some great new platform features.

The following Free Upgrades are now available on the abcommerce platform.

Schema MarkUp to enhance SEO
Schema MarkUp is one of the latest forms of SEO optimisation. It helps Search Engines such as Google return more informative results. We have now added Schema MarkUp to all our websites which will tell Search Engines what your data means and not just what it says.

Recaptcha added to Contact Us Forms
Spam is a universal challenge, to overcome this we added the latest version of Recaptcha to all abcommerce contact forms. Don’t worry the latest version won’t drive you mad with crazy letters and trying to find the red car in pictures but works in the background to allow a seamless connection with your customer.

Google Shopping
Its now even easier to set up Google Shopping with further enhancements to abcommerce Google Shopping Feed. Find out more about Integrating with Google Shopping.

Ability to Disable Delivery Collection Information
We are aware that not all courier companies will accept specific Delivery Information, this can cause frustration for a customer and reflect badly on the Retailer if the customer provides information that is then ignored. You can now turn off the Delivery Information field on your website by contacting the abcommerce Help Desk.

Add a Gift Message
Allow your customers to add a Gift Message to personalise their order and provide that extra service that will keep them coming back to you ! More information on Adding a Gift Message

Additional Customised Checkout Fields
Our checkout is streamlined to give the best possible experience but sometimes you might require additional information at checkout, you can now do that using our additional customised checkout fields. Talk to your Account Manager about the best approach.

Ability to collect Billing Details
In preparation for PSD2 we have added the option to collect Billing Details during checkout.

Alternative Menu Layout
We introduced an alternative menu layout which facilitates the Search box remaining open in the menu bar even when browsing on a mobile device.

Private Catalogues
It’s never been easier to set up a Private Catalogue for your corporate clients, they can login to their own portal and only see information that is relevant to them.

Linked Microsites
Do you want to highlight a specific brand, product or campaign ? A microsite can help you achieve this. Using abcommerce you can now set up a microsite that is linked to your main website so there is no need for a separate catalogue. This is also possible for B2B clients who wish to set up sites on behalf of their clients.

We are happy to announce that we can now offer an integration with the personalised product recommendations provider, Segmentify. For more information see

Future Upgrades
We are constantly enhancing the abcommerce platform and we will keep you informed of future upgrades but if you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you !

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