abcommerce Platform Upgrades

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You have talked and we have listened !

We promised you continuous innovation, so our team have been busy enhancing the abcommerce platform. The following free upgrades have now been released.

Google Shopping Integration

Start a Google Shopping campaign with our new Google Shopping Integration. Google Shopping is one of the most effective ways to sell products, it allows you to feature your products visually at the top of Google search results. Start your campaign today with our abcommerce Google Shopping Integration and stay tuned for our Google Shopping Workshops after the summer.

New Video Widget

Make an impact with Product Videos, if a picture can tell a story of a thousand words imagine what a video can do ! Use product videos to sell your products and you can now Upload a Video to your Product Content . Do you have some exciting company news to share or have you or your store been featured in a video, you can now share it by Adding a Video Widget to your Non Product Pages.

Add Downloadable Files to Product

Add Product Instructions or Additional Information as a Downloadable File to your product content. Upload a Word doc, PPT, PDF or image to enhance your product content and provide more detail.

Gift Voucher Codes

Create a Gift Voucher Code that can be redeemed during Check Out, its quick and easy and a great way to boost sales.

Tiered Pricing

Reward your customers for purchasing in larger quantities by offering discounted prices using our Tiered Pricing functionality.

Trade Pricing

Do you trade B2B ?, you can now add Trade Prices to your products, see the Pricing Instructions when adding a New Product

We are continuously enhancing the abcommerce platform, review our full list of upgrades release

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